The Ultimate SEO Tool?

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A friend of mine asked me today what my dream SEO tool would be. He said to imagine i had no limits on cost, and that a team of PHD's would work on it for me, for as long as it took to build it.

I wasn't sure how to answer, though i did mumble something about "trend analysis and large DB's of SERPS data".

I thought it would make a good thread, so tell us, what would the dream SEO Tool be exactly?



My dream tool would be written by me and create enough income that I wouldnt have to worry about searching for a job ;O)

Just read the link ad thread, gave me an idea. Would be nice to have a text link roi calculator

don't know exactly

but it would likely involve a mindreading monkey with a direct psychic connection to Matt Cutts.

DaveN not good enough for

DaveN not good enough for ya? :)

(runs for cover.....)

Are you running...

from Dave or from Gurtie? ;-)

Sorry, OT, please carry on.....

The ultimate SEO tool, how about a prediction of how your site will rank on Google, given the changes you've just uploaded. Oooooooh come to think of it, I know of just the right online tool for that {grin}

Dave would be fine

but a monkey would be cheaper to feed.


I'd opt for my own copy of Google's index, on which I could run any reports I wanted and have an algo team reproduce SERPs until they got it right... With the weighting formula in hand, you'd be invincible!!

BTW - OpenRank, not going too well, the cost structure is completely prohibitive and it's hard to justify such a huge investment without a clear profit model...


- how did I miss that one? Nice thought, but yes I'd agree about the prohibitive cost structure. You'd have to recreate Google to do that I suppose :-)

Maybe proxies...

...or better yet, a distributed system like Boitho


I have it on good authority that someone with deep pockets is working on something like OR, but with financing :)


Something that logs the changes made to your page (on-page) and tracks changes to your page off-page (links added) v. serp changes... We will never get feedback from goog or the rest as to what we did right or wrong... but a tool that tries to picture that for us based on the data available would be a great way of learning and tweaking interactively.

Dave would be fine but a

Dave would be fine but a monkey would be cheaper to feed.

bha hehehe :)

historical keyword prices

a tool that kept a comprehensive list of keyword prices and tracked their fluctuations in value over time is something that i would love to get my hands on. part of me feels like someone somewhere out there has this info, but the closest thing i've heard about is the fathom price index.

actual index and backlink counts

If money was no object: I'd want to see the Google index displayed in a webmap format with the ability to search for a site and see its location on the webmap (via links) and real-time, actual index, backlink, LocalRank, TrustRank and PageRank counts across all Google datacenters. I'd also want to be able to search it by keyword and see results displayed in a clustered format, listing which page was seen as the authority for a particular keyword and which pages were being seen as dupes.

I'd also want to see a web map of the Yahoo index where "trusted" sites were marked in white and "not trusted" sites where marked it black. Then, you could mouseover the dots and see index, backlink and TrustRank counts for each.

A webmap of MSN with index and backlink counts would also be nice, but it can be a feature that is added later.

Finally, I'd like to be able to input my domain name, have the system take my current webmap position, authority, etc. in each of the engines into consideration. Then, I could run a page through the tool and it will tell me exactly where I will rank with that page's content on each of the major search engines according to their own proprietary algorithms (including MSN's new RankNet with 500+ nodes equipped with machine learning), so I can tweak my pages in a testing environment prior to launch.

See money has to be no object here because it would most likely involve buying a few of the top search engineers at Google, Yahoo and MSN. ;)

Ah, Friday dreaming...

Why is it that a mindreading

Why is it that a mindreading psychic monkey, Matt Cuts and DaveN turns up so close to each other in these postings? Is that the ... "relevance by association ..." thing? :)

Anyway, some the above sugestions above would probably take a buy out of all the major engines. I am not sure who could fund that.

I would like a better and more easily customizable crawler? There are a few free crawlers around (personally I really like Xenu) and programming libraries but none of them are perfect. First off all I would like much better control of what to include in any given crawl, including exclusion of session IDs, support of JavaScript and cookies etc. Also, i'd like to be able to better define what to grab in the crawl, such as: Titles, META-data, all HTML, summary of text, links, images etc and define what data fields to stor the collected data in. Finally, I would like better output options: HTML-report, XML (ready for Paid Inclusion), CSV etc.

A link neighbourhood data

A link neighbourhood data minig tool with historical data, anchor text and loads of more parameters of any site I am interested in and their competitors.


why of course one where I input my url and it goes straight to #1 ;)

would take some of the fun out of it, though that's my ultimate.

Tomorrow's News

That's all I need - a copy of the next update on a dev server I can hit with my queries. Of course it needs an "update index" button so I can also queue Google to re-index the web after I update my sites.

My dream tool would be a

My dream tool would be a "reverse search engine" finding out what is missing on my sites to beat competitors. It will also find the best places to get links from and give my suggestions on what articles to add. Also I will find great blogs and forums to comment on and get automatic directory submissions done at those directories that are related best, which of course the tool will find itself. It will also analyze any algo change for me and re-adjust my strategy from the moment it happens.
Sorry, you said we were allowed to dream :)


Would have to include: - a

Would have to include:

- a list of all IBLs from external sources
- the PR of those external sources
- the anchortext of the IBL
- my current ranking for the IBL in G, Y and M

I'd like a source metrics tool

One that will go all the way from log file source through the shopping cart AND will allow me to put ppc data into it for the FULL picture.

Plugins to do all the things mentioned above would be groovy too, as they have to do with metrics.

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