Mozilla Firefox 1.1 Delayed, Renamed to 1.5

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Mozilla Firefox 1.1 Delayed, Renamed to 1.5
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One of those stories that I am not quite sure whether it is significant or not. Mozilla Foundation have announced that next major release of Mozilla Firefox has been delayed and will now be known as Firefox 1.5 rather than 1.1. The upgrade is now set for a September release.

Mozilla Europe President Tristan Nitot, who explains that the next major version of Firefox will contain more new features than originally specified. "What we have been doing is better than initially planned, so instead of calling it 1.1, we think it deserves the name of 1.5," he says.


I'd like to see working

I'd like to see working flash links in the next update. It's pretty annoying to have to switch to IE to click a flash ad link.

I'd hate to see that

It's an immense benefit to have to switch to IE to see Flash. So, one man's meat is another one's poison :-)

I thought you could just install the Flash plugin if you wanted to see Flash in Firefox. Isn't that so?

there is a flash plugin for firefox...

Scroll down to middle of the page and there is a "Get Common Plugins" for Firefox...

I don't think I've *ever* ~had to use IE since firefox came out.

I only use IE for Flash, deliberately

I knew about the plugin - I only use IE for Flash content, deliberately. That, and a few banks, and similar "corporate" sites that just don't work with FF yet. It's nice that the main browser is really fast and don't load unnecessary stuff, such as the overwhelming majority of Flash (IMHO, and I respect other opinions on this)

However, sometimes you need to use some Flash-application, and then it's nice that you can just hit "Open this page in IE" on your Firefox right click menu (another nice extension).

Anyway, let's not start a Flash-war here. I know you can do some really great things with Flash, it's just that (IMHO) 999 out of 1,000 things you actually see are not "really great things".

I've actually dumped IE...

...for Maxthon. It comes with all the quirks of IE (uses same engine) so it's good for testing your pages "on MSIE", but it has tabbed browsing and mouse gestures and what have you. It's very good!

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