Yahoo is Testing Google's Search Results


After Yahoo's renegotiation with Microsoft in April, they've got a free hand to experiment with Google vs Bing search results. An article in Search Engine Land credits Aaron Wall with spotting Yahoo's use of Google results just this week. After some back and forth, Yahoo has confirmed that this was true. It sounds like they did a good job renegotiating, because they've got some more choice about what they serve their users now:

Search Engine Land wrote:
Yahoo increased the flexibility on desktop search. Under the new deal, 51% of its desktop search traffic has to carry Bing ads. The rest can carry ads however Yahoo likes — either from its own Gemini system or other partners.

One commenter sugests that because the CEO of Yahoo has ties with Google, they'll try to use this split test to push the point that Google is giving them a better return and they need to switch. But apparently, there are rumors that Yahoo is testing their own algorithm too...and who knows what that could do.

The SEM Post has an article about this as well, where Jennifer Slegg goes into more detail and speculation about what might happen next. I'm particularly interested in the idea of a hybrid Yahoo that uses Bing search results but runs Google ads. Kind of kooky, but I wonder if taking "the best of both worlds" would make it better for users? Either way, it sounds like Bing is going to be hurt by it:

The SEM Post wrote:
It would be a definite blow to Bing if Yahoo began serving more of Google’s search results.  After all, Yahoo – which is still considered it’s own search engine for comScore reporting – is a large part of the overall search share numbers that Bing reports when talking about their search engine.  According to the latest comScore data, for May 2015, Microsoft/Bing has 20.3% of the search share while Yahoo has 12.7%.

Not exactly the cheery holiday news that Microsoft wants to hear!