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China has 103 million Internet users, up 18 percent in first half
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Stories about China's Internet Population are becoming quite a "meme" these last couple of weeks. 103M people online? Sheesh, I can't even get it together to learn Danish properly, and i've lived here for 5yrs now...

The increase marked an 18.4 percent rise over the same period last year, making China the second largest Internet user in the world after the United States, the China Daily said.


Translation, perhaps, would

Translation, perhaps, would be better?

more weird characters

The Chinese alphabet has more weird characters than Danish. We only have three, of which one is unfortunately placed in the very important word "Beer" making it hard for non-natives to pronounce, but the Chinese have hundreds of thousands, AFAIK.

How large is the Chinese population btw? One billion or so? If that's the figure then the penetration is only about ten percent.

1.3 billion

1.3 billion or just under is the # that gets published time and time again.

Bearing in mind, they say that 80% or so of the Chinese population is in rural areas, the 103 million users aint bad going (imo).

Also interesting to note that only about 20% of the internet users have shopped online, as Credit Cards are still to catch on.

Be interesting to see where we are in a years time with the numbers, and hopefully my chinese will be understandable by then.


Shak shi laowai, wo shi zhen de Zhonguoren

Wo hen xihuan shuo Putonghua, danshi wo juede kan Zhongwen fei chang nan.

Ni fayin shuo de bu hao, mei guanxi, ni zai Shanghai keyi changchang lianxi shuo Putonghua.


- i do agree, however that China has a lot of possibilities as it changes to a more modern kind of a regulated society (not sure about the right terms to use :-)

...and that Chinese will become an important language, perhaps as important as English is now.

on a related note

- I just saw that due to the revaluation of the Renminbi (chinese currency) the Chinese GDP is now the sixth largest in the world. One can only expect it to grow further, both in terms of natural growth, but also because in spite of the revaluation the Renminbi still seems to be undervalued.

The largest economies of the world right now (in terms of GDP) seems to be:

1) USA
2) Japan
3) Germany
4) UK
5) France
6) China
7) Italy
8) Spain
9) Canada
10) India
200) Denmark (I think :-)

Largest in terms of people in bold type.

I have no doubt that China and India will be placed pretty high on that list ten years from now, and so will the combined EU (a close #2 if not #1 already). I do doubt that USA will be #1 ten years from now (or, considering the combined EU, even three to five years from now).

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