Link building REALLY ain't easy. (a follow-up)


Google Portugal has said - "do not buy, sell, exchange, or ask for links."

Found this little beauty on SE Roundtable today. Yup, don't even ask for 'em. How do links appear? Magic, perhaps. Or, like lactic acid is built up in the muscles by vigorous exercise, I suppose they are just a natural element that congeals around websites that are particularly spry.

Jennifer Slegg has an article up on the SEM Post, too.

Marie Haynes has an interesting point in the comments:

" – John was asked about a new site that was starting over and whether they could contact sites that used to link to their old url and ask for a link to the new site. He said 'I think that would be fine.' – John was asked if it is ok to reach out to people and ask them to link and he said, 'In some cases that definitely makes sense.'

As with any SEO type of tactic, I’m sure that this could be overdone to the point where it goes against the Quality Guidelines but I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with asking someone to link to your website."

So perhaps Google is trying to say that there is nuance to the art of linkbuilding, and that if you're a spammer with a hammer going around knocking on everyone's door for links that's the thing that should be stopped.