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Where do all of these SEO myths come from?

On SEO Chat, a newbie recently joined to ask about some stuff a friend told him. It turned out to be mostly, or all, bunk! Good thing they asked about them first. Here are the myths:

  1. Wordpress sucks when it comes to SEO.
  2. Google indexes all the files including those you include such as header.php, footer.php, and you must block them manually so you don't get penalized.
  3. You have to work on a different server for corrections because if there's an HTML error on a website, Google's going to see it and the SEO will drop.
  4. Google's new "Mobile Friendly" rule applies even on desktop.
  5. Google Analytics code cannot be in the head.
  6. You must include a file for Google Analytics and not put it directly int he header.
  7. Nav must only be used for responsive website or Google will penalize you.

Fathom, as always, has some great rebuttals. And dzine points out that even Google has HTML errors! "If Google dropped sites with HTML errors, 99% of all sites would disappear from the index. Just don't do live, partial changes. It's not about the HTML, it's about sending googlebot astray (following the wrong links for example) if you've made a mistake."

Good stuff!


I suspect that

I suspect that many come from people that speak with authority, but would do better to keep their mouths shut. lol

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