Yahoo! woo Mac users with Konfabulator purchase

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Yahoo! acquires Konfabulator
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Jeffrey McManus seems pretty excited about this - and Kofabulator already seems to have some cool little widgets to play with - although it works with both Win and Mac there are a lot more Mac ones in there (and some alarmingly geeky stuff too - anyone want an LED Binary clock on their desktop?)

Yahoo! said the reason they purchased Konfabulator was that they wanted an easy way to open up its APIs to the developer community and allow them easy access to the information on the Yahoo! Web site. In doing this, Widgets could be built without having to scrape sites in order to get information.

Sounds like Yahoo are out to win the 'hearts and minds' battle to me :)


More for Windows

Since the release of Tiger, and the included Dashboard, more or less destroyed Konfabulator's market on Macs.

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