MSN Virtual Earth Goes Live

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MSN Releases Beta Version of Virtual Earth
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MSN's answer to Google Earth goes live today with Virtual Earth though Chris Sherman says it's lacking what was promised

MSN Virtual Earth launched today, but without those luscious images that Gates promised. The program also lacks the smooth interface offered by Google Earth, though it does have a few interesting features that Google Earth doesn't offer, at least for now. Also, we know Microsoft has found religion when it comes to search, and has backed its efforts with smart people and money, so despite the rough edges, I'm optimistic about what we'll eventually see with Virtual Earth.

You can also catch a video interview with the VE team


MS behind the facts

It seems that Microsoft is always one step behind every move google makes. The maps of MSN are nice but not as quick and well indexed as google┬┤s maps.

The UK seems appalling

The UK seems appalling represented. Appears nothing better than a list of town names on a green blur. At least Google tried to cover a few countries outside of the US. Interface seems pretty poor, too.

UK is appalling...

It would need pretty loud recommendations to make me look at this ever again

I can only see... thing better about MSN VE than Google Maps is that you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out....but thats it, everything else is quite poor in comparison.

Old Pics...

They're really old sat pics, still got both [url=|-74.013387&style=h&lvl=17&sp=adr.Manhattan%20%28island%28s%29%29%2C%20New%20York%2C%20United%20States|adr.World%20Trade%20Center%2C%20New%20York%2C%20NY%2010006&v=1]trade towers[/url] ...wheras Google has Ground Zero...

Haven't got the [url=|-122.029708&style=h&lvl=17&v=1]Apple HQ...[/url]
...but Google does have it fully built...

from The Register...

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