Building an online business is like playing with LEGOs...

0 comments that there are a TON of pieces to put together and the instruction manual looks like it got dropped into a puddle.

There's a clinic of sorts happening on SEO Chat in which a DJ who does most of his advertising online has been exploring his options with some of the forum's senior members. The focus right now is on PPC and a website redesign. The DJ has a lot of content which is related to SEO for a DJ...but many forum members are suggesting a site redesign that will emphasize people having fun and listening to music instead! It's an interesting intersection between "doing what you think/are told you should do" and "doing what feels/looks right."

The main thing that this thread reminded me of is that there are SO MANY little components to building a business and a website. Not all of them are SEO either - lots of traditional marketing techniques and thought goes into it besides "What will Google like?" Although that's a big part, of course.