Microsoft face possible fight for Vista

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MSN in trouble?
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Announcing the new name for the next Microsoft OS has annoyed a few poeple. One of those people is John Wall, he owns Vista. They're a business software company based down the road from MS in Redmond...

Wall, a well-known technology executive in the area who earlier founded Wall Data, is examining whether the name violates the trademark his company has held for six years. He plans to raise the issue with Microsoft, a company notoriously protective of its own trademarks, and may take the issue to court.

"We're going to consider our options and talk to them," he said tersely.

Vista is a tricky choice because many companies claim trademarks on various uses of the word, said Wall, whose Kirkland-based Wall Data was acquired by Cupertino, Calif.-based NetManage in 2000. He has had to defend his company's trademark on the use of the words "vista" and "com" together; the company also owns the Internet domain


Also potential moaning from

Also potential moaning from Vista Windows and Vista Windows, though I don't they would win any case brought by them. Yay for silly product names. You ask me, "Longhorn" and "Whistler" were much better names for the operating systems.

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