Looks like Google wants to hire an SEO!

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Calling all SEOs - the Empire is seeking a new Viceroy.

Just saw over on WebmasterWorld that Google wants to hire someone new to help with search!

Leosghost wrote:
Smoke and mirrors...trying to get the gullible to believe that Google's own services "compete" in SERPs just like any other sites for their place...

Well, maybe ;) User jmccormac throws out the idea that maybe high SATs would get you a position instead of real world experience. Anyone out there seriously thinking about sending them an application?

The BBC wrote:
In the advert, Google says the post will involve driving "organic traffic" to improve the standing of web pages featuring its products and services. Candidates need a background in computer science or "equivalent practical experience."


    You must have a lot of

You must have a lot of experience

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