Guantanamo Bay Military Website Hacked

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It appears that the official military website for Guantanamo Bay has been hacked. You won't be able to read the writing on the screenshot, so as it will shortly dissappear, i'll paste it below:


all muslim's nation condemned all terorist activities
in everywhere even in londen or america Do you think that all muslims are terrorists? we are for peace...humanity. friendshp,kindness this is wrong.. we all are brothers, Muslims has been more harmed by this kinde of actvities than the other believes Dont you guys see what has been hapenning to muslims in the last 50 years in Israel? Dont u see in iraq how many casualties have muslims pr day? Dont u see the attitude of americans towards muslims in goantanamo?

Thanks to Brian for the find!



now I want to know what on earth normally appears on that site??

Anyone checked the whois

Anyone checked the whois details for where that broken image goes?

Some people....

is this site for real? if

is this site for real? if you look at cached version it looks like it was hacked before.

It's gone now, they've got

It's gone now, they've got "no website configured"

from those pics it almost looks like a nice little resort you could go on holiday to :S

The cached version looks

The cached version looks hacked as well.

Your Tropical Retreat from

Your Tropical Retreat from the Stress of Jihad, Club G'itmo I found these on the net LOL. Even though rush can be an ass at times he is freakin hillarious.

I love the irony that one of

I love the irony that one of the main categories on the cache of the site in the internet archives is fraud, waste, and abuse. prettymuch sums it up...

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