Longer Google Search Snippets to Give the Summary of a Page?


There's an interesting screenshot shared by Darren DeMatas over at Google Plus.

The search snippet looks giant and it almost looks like a quick summary of the page (Google is picking the headings from the page and listing them all in the search snippet).

It almost looks like they took each tip to try to make it a step-by-step knowledge graph.


Really funny because if you look at the source code for the web, the steps highlighted in the snippet are not presented as a list, but are simple paragraphs, , and yet, Google takes this information to build this curious description.

One of possible theories is that Google is using their knowledge graph and one-box answers algorithm and applies them to search snippets to give more answers at a glance right within their SERPs

Have you seen anything like that?

Is this a possible death of website owners controling search snippets using meta description?