RSS Feed Metrics - Tuesdays are HOT!

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Pheedo Reports RSS Metrics, Trends
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Pheedo have released RSS Feed Metrics and Trends that provide some interesting reading. Tuesdays are the busiest days for RSS publishers it seems.

Tuesday is the most active day in RSS readership, with Saturday the
least active.
Pheedo data points to Tuesday as being the most active day for RSS
viewership, feed retrieval and click-throughs.

-- Click-through rates (CTR) fluctuates significantly depending on day.
CTR differs by more than 70 percent from Tuesday to Saturday.
Additionally, feed retrieval has a 47 percent swing from the most
active day (Tuesday) to the least active day (Saturday)

-- "Morning scanners" view the most content; late-night readers click
through more.
CTR fluctuates from 7 to 11 percent depending on the hour of the day
that users are consuming the content. CTR peaks in the late night hours
and also in the late afternoon.

-- Led by Bloglines, 70 percent of Pheedo managed feeds are read by only
five news aggregators.
Bloglines is in the top position in Pheedo's feed reader statistics,
followed by Firefox, Thunderbird, NewsGator and Sharpreader. In
aggregate, these readers are used by almost 70 percent of people
subscribing to Pheedo managed RSS content.