Inactive Google Plus Local Pages Will Soon Be Shut Down

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Mike Blumenthal asserts that this is the "final step in separating local from Plus." Another nail in the coffin for poor Google+.

Here's a summary from Search Engine Land. Basically business pages that are not claimed or have "unresponsive owners" will be unverified on July 28. So you might call it "the final nail in the coffin," but looking at it another way, for local search, Google wants ot make sure that owners are actively engaged with Google My Business. Leave your page orphaned and pay little attention to it, and suffer the consequences.



Could be a good thing

Google creating duplicate business pages drives small business owners and the marketers who assist them nuts. Every time you create a YouTube channel, they create a duplicate page. If you use your brand page on YouTube, Google links it to your business page on Google Plus - but because they force you to use your "real" name on G+ the page you have all your followers on at G+ is the opposite of the one you have all your followers on at YouTube. 


It could be an advantage to have those pages disappear so you can then create the one connected to what you want. If you could seamlessly move between the G+ page you prefer and the associated YouTube you prefer they would have a lot more active users. 

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