Do As I Say, Not As I Do?


Everyone knows that link juice from forums dried up years ago and it's just spam now - but in some corners of the net, the juice may still flow.

Here's an older post from SEO Chat about getting your link juice from forums.

The basic premise from 2011 still holds true in my mind - forum links are often used as spam.

Test-ok wrote:
When you add links to a forum you will only get value out of them if your a participant in that forum (and it's very little as far as juice goes) So going from forum to forum..signing up so you can get your link in your profile won't do anything for ya except waste your time. If you sign up just to add links through a few postings you'll more than likely get banned for spamming (which again won't pass any juice your way) same with signing up and posting stupid frivolous posts just to get the minimum posts so you can add your link (again a wasting of your time). Now if your a member and participate in a forum, hopefully you'll gain reputation become part of the community and the links you do use will add a little flavor to your site, because of that...and still very little juice, But if your a regular member and have somewhat of a reputation your links will hold more clout with the readers (which is what I consider a good link and a good use of a forum). So please don't waste your time signing up at forums just to get a link in your profile or post them in a couple of spammy posts.

But go to the last and most recent post, and you'll find a user who also agrees with the forum links = spam philosophy...except they caught some big fish doing this spam.

Gonzaga wrote:
Some of the posts at least tried to have any relevance to the topic (with a link in signature), but there were a few that were today gibberish unrelated to anything, like some times even hilarious (posts with links to house building on dating tips). Ok, I thought, Jesus, what a bunch of amateurs... but I digged a little deeper on those forums (yes, including the dating tips one) and found giants like Allianz posting there too, additionally making anchors on key phrases (like insurance calculator).

So, they wonder, if they're successful and they get away with this spam...are they missing something? Should they be following the lead of Allianz? My first thought is no...giants are giants, and if they hired a spammy SEO outfit to do crap like this, even if they get caught, it could be quite easy to get out of a resulting penalty or disaster. Just look at what happened a few months ago with a certain job-posting website. But for little guys, if they get hit with a penalty, it's not always that easy. They can't eat the risk like the big people can. It's not fair, but...that's how it seems. I can understand why SEO is full of a lot of frustrated people, sometimes. What do you think?