In all of Google's fruitless scrambling for a new shiny thing you can see their true fear...

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I loved this comment by Tom Bishop (you may want to scroll down a bit if the permalink doesn't work) and it brings up great points:

In all of Google's fruitless scrambling for a new shiny thing you can see their true fear: that someday the search model their entire business is based on will be supplanted by something else.

And they're not wrong; It's already happening. The practice of "I think of thing. I search for thing. I find thing." is becoming "Someone shares thing. I like that thing. I will be reminded of thing from now on." Google seems powerful, but it can easily collapse if there's no need to fill in a blank box anymore.

We are a lucky generation that has seen the rise of Google and the fall of Myspace... What's next? Will Google fail to evolve?


So Right Ann

Thanks Ann for that!

Google continues to try and find something else that will make the same revenue as their search engine PPC, but nothing has that kind of scale, traction or hook (publishers can make free money). So they sit waiting for the ax to fall when their only (lucrative) source of revenue is replaced by another company with a far better way to sell products on the Internet.

It's crazy how they are adamant about isolating themselves with unrealistic moonshot projects rather than developing something for a known industry with a proven problem. I think time will show that it was always just 2 computer nerds that developed a search algo, hired a great PR team,  and then hid in secrecy knowing they were continually invading everyone's privacy to try and make more money . What I could do with their revenue.... what a waste! No wonder Matt Cutts left.

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