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I've been using more and more lately for storing general intrest stuff. I noticed today they have added 'recomended tags' when you add something, and there are also predictive tagging suggestions going on. Seems to be limited to the tags you've used in the past, so YMMV.



the link doesn't work, but I'll add Ive never quite gotten this whole tagging thing.

Fixed the link, thanks. I

Fixed the link, thanks.

I used to find it very useful, but seem to have fallen out of the habit, i need to find that FF plugin for it to make it a bit easier to post i guess...

I use delicious, but only

I use delicious, but only half of much as I'd like to. I want the ability to have private bookmarks (amongst other things I have momentarily forgotten). Some of them I want to delete five minutes after I've added them, and that, nor the deletion of tags, is as quick as I'd want (by comparison to traditional, computer-locked bookmarks), hence, I only have 280 or so bookmarks.

private bookmarks

Yeah not having private ones does suck. I use Yahoo's thing for that you can mark it only for everyone, your community, or everyone.

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