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MSN Screensaver with Search & RSS
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MSN's new screensaver that incorporates MSN Search and RSS among other goodies is being spun as "cool for the user". Yeah yeah, rah rah rah. However you look at it, it's little things like this, not to mention some of the enorrmous things that MS can/will do with MSN Search that must have Google and Yahoo! very nervous indeed.

Big Billy G, isn't known for being a nice guy in business, he's known for being a ruthless bastard (and good for him), and he has a whole new Operating System to play with...

The only thing i don't understand about this little gizmo, and no, sorry, i haven't tried it, is how can you have a screensaver that's so functional? Surely when you hit a key or move the mouse it should disappear right?


You need...

.. the MSN Toolbar installed for it to work, so i'll say a polite "Thanks but no thanks!".


Only shows USA weather even though they will be using the same web service as the MSN web site that can show more (what use is that??). Nice slideshow and RSS. Given me an idea for a screensaver that can display flickr feeds .. will write that when I get back from my trip

Nice idea but better screensavers out there.

Added: It says the threadwatch rss is not found or not valid..

Client stats?

>>must have Google and Yahoo! very nervous indeed.

About what?

I just ran some stats on a handful of clients last week to see how much traffic MSN is bringing them (MSN Search is 6 months old now), and was far from impressed. All five showed a bump when it launched and MSN started that huge ad campaign. And since then, all five are down significantly from that initial jump.

Anyone else look at their own or their clients' stats on MSN traffic 6 months later?

Not really talking about now

Not really talking about now pleeker. I meant for the future, with Vista etc in the works...

That's what I'm getting at,

That's what I'm getting at, Nick -- if not now, when? They've already thrown their biggest ad campaign ever at it. They're losing browser share. Linux OS grows more popular in tiny increments. The Mac OS is making small inroads, and may make larger ones after the switch to Intel chips, etc. The Nielsen/NetRatings people say MSN Search has shown little to no growth since the new engine launched.

I remember in the last half of '04 when we were all talking about MSN's upcoming search engine, it seemed like half the voices were saying things like "MSN has so many built-in users" and "Think of the zillions of people who have MSN as their home page and don't know to change it" -- MSN Search was destined to cut into G and Y. It had to!

I'm not seeing it, and just wondering if anyone else is. My sample data is from an admittedly small pool. :)

If I'm G or Y, I'm not quaking in my boots over MSFT at this point. I don't see a screensaver changing anything, and I'm wondering what those "big things" you mention are and when we'll see them.

Fair enough pleeker, i'll

Fair enough pleeker, i'll hold out till we see what Search integration Vista has before writing them off, but well argued points i find it hard to disagree with :)

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