White Hat Scam? - Moron of the Week!

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Search Engine Optimization Expert Offers First “White Hat” Software Tool
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Credit to Andy for spotting this...

Okay, this has to be the funniest thing i've seen in ages... First, read this jokers press release linked above, then check out his "metawebs" webiste at:

Sorry, im not linking to this clown.

From his press release:

Nathan Anderson is a search engine optimization expert who is a long time advocate of ethical techniques. On November 1, 2004 he introduced MetaWebs, the first major software tool specifically designed to aid in ethical SEO.

and from the metawebs website:

"...All Made Possible By Using A Brand New Search Engine Optimizing Software Platform (Available to Only 400 , 300 , 260 More People!) That Dynamically Generates Fresh Website Pages Not Once, Not Twice, But Each and Every Time Someone Visits Your Web Page - Pages That Are Linked To Each Other Optimally (Not Simply Grabbed Off The Internet and Stitched Together Willy Nilly!) Using Statistically Validated Data For What Works With The Search Engines To Catapult You To The Top!

If you dont visit the site, that last quote is in enormous red font.. There's tons of this frothing at the mouth badly written rubish, here's just a bit more:

MetaWebs will automatically create a multiple-page website that has pages linked together in a way that dramatically improves the rankings of each page for your chosen keywords.

There’s absolutely nothing else like MetaWebs. It’s the most sophisticated page-generation software ever conceived

Is this guy a conman? Is he just a huckster out for a quick buck? - In my opinion he ought to be flogged senseless with knotted rope for publishing such crap and targeting unsuspecting business owners with it.

What say you?


I'm sure

Doug from IHU will be using this white hat tool loads!


...all that skipping to regular, undelined, bold, and red stuff could make a person go blind. But I guess it works, to some extent. BTW - why is this white hat again?

Grmmpphh! (=muted LOL)

I'm checking my bookmarks RIGHT NOW to see if I kept any of his stuff for later reference.

So if s/o bookmarks BH, it becomes WH instantly? I should add that to my glossary ;)


somebody spammed my blog comments linking off to that stuff a few weeks ago

saw that release...

I saw that last night and thought, my goodness, anyone can create a press release about anything these days.

I figured it had to be a joke. An automated tool for white hat SEO? That's an oxymoron in my book!


This clown posts at ihelpyou and just got WPW to post his Spam Tool

Doug must be having a fit over this... If you're reading Doug (and i know you are ;-) then why not out this member for what he is on your site?


Slightly hypocritical to let someone who is clearly peddling seo **** to the business owner operate from your 'ethical' seo forum eh?


Doug has it out for public flogging at IHU

Jill Whalen does too:

Rockynate? Sheesh...I remember him. He was just learning SEO like a year and a half ago or so. Two at most.

Now he's touting himself as an SEO expert. rolleyes.gif

Fine if he wants to peddle his spam software, but to out and out lie in a press release that it's some sort of help for "white hats" is pathetic. It's false advertising at best, and I have half a mind to sic the FTC on him

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