No More Adobe Flash Ads on Amazon!


You may remember that Firefox began blocking Flash by default back in July. I've personally been getting a ton of annoying "Do you want to activate Flash" messages on my favorite websites...

And now, Amazon is picking on Flash too, and will no longer accept Flash ads as of September 1st, 2015!

According to the official announcement on, "This is driven by recent browser setting updates from Google Chrome, and existing browser settings from Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, that limits Flash content displayed on web pages. This change ensures customers continue to have a positive, consistent experience across Amazon and its affiliates, and that ads displayed across the site function properly for optimal performance." So it seems like they expect that their customers will be just as annoyed as I am that I have to manually allow Flash everywhere I go!

Many people say "good riddance" to Flash - does it have any saving graces whatsoever?