Sony PSP Update 2.0 - Web Browser Patch Arrives

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Cry Baby
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PSPUpdates tells us that the PSP Patch that incorporates a web browser into Sony's Play Station Portable is out. We mentioned this last week, apparently you had to buy "Wipeout" to get anything close to a browser on your PSP, but now those of you lucky enough to own one (it's on my wishlist :) can browse to your hearts content.

Would love a report on how it works from anyone that upgrades and tries it...


but now those of you lucky

but now those of you lucky enough to own one (it's on my wishlist :)

Nick, I'm about to put mine on ebay. Just got a mountain bike as I need exercise more then I need video games. Add to that, the fact that I want Xbox 360 and I am willing to part with mine. I currently have a few games: MVP baseball, Twisted Metal and Mercury. How close are you to buying one?


Doesnt the patch also close loopholes that allowed non-official and dodgy software to run?

I've got a feeling it might

I've got a feeling it might chris, i seem to remember reading something about that recently - lord knows where though..


Oh, not that close, but thanks :) we're prolly in different countries though aswell i think - im in Denmark...

Roscoe, I would be willing

Roscoe, I would be willing to purchase all of your games. I bought a PSP like 2 weeks ago after seeing a friend play his on the plane...travelling is so much better now!

werty, let's split the games

I so love mine since I got it 4 months ago. Lovely thing. :) Especially here in Europe where it's not available yet. :)

Ben Metcalfe has a nice

Ben Metcalfe has a nice review of the PSP browser

Unfortunately the PSP browser was a slight disappointment. Despite it being having a “tabbed browsing” approach, flicking between tabs seemed to require the unit to re-render the page - unfortunate seeing as a lot user behaviour around tabs is being able to quickly check content on different pages.

The other annoyance is that authentication username and password details are not cached or stored, which is particularly frustrating if you have to type a 15 digital alpha-numeric code on the push-button entry mechanism every time you want to view your email!

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