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Sometimes I really wonder what kind of heavy duty hallucinogenic class A's some webmasters are on:

High Rankings - Whiner
This fools talking about posting in a google forum pretending to be the owner of the target site - He's whining about his mobile disco site fo gods sake. Im ashamed to be english...
Web Pro New - Smug Cow
This smug little madam just makes me ashamed to be part of the same species
SEO Guy - Guy sees the Light!
This chap's quite cool, starts out with the usual whiney crap but turns it around when his peers point this out
SEO Chat - Whiney little cry baby...
This bloke makes me want to be sick. What a snivelling little twat. Funnier though is tstolber who thinks that you should report hidden text to the WEB HOSTING CO. -- give me strength! Dont they teach children anything these days?

I'll add to this as the days go by, if these fools are happy to snitch for rank, im happy to list them and point them out for all to see.



Can't say I disagree with you by any stretch but I do wonder if the wording will do more to detract from the quality of the information by watering down responses with complaints about the terminologies employed. Kind of ... um ... well, like this one.

I know what you mean

I ummed and ahhed over the language for ages McFox, i cant say i entirely disagree. But then a little controversy never hurt and i really do feel that way. Maybe I'll tone it down a little later, for now, it stays ;-)


Fair enough


A Small Puppy trying to Hide

I am hiding in Tahoe from you boyz, while very amused.

Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work.

>tone it down Please don't

>tone it down

Please don't.

Just say what you see.

Thought for the day

Those that do...get on with making their web sites work

Those that don't ... troll forums and whine about other people's web sites.

Propbably makes little difference as I doubt that G read these "spam reports" anyway

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