AOL Takes RSS Mainstream with MyAOL

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AOL launches MyAOL beta, Feedster to do RSS search
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Last night we brought you the rumour that AOL would work with Feedster to provide RSS Search, now that seems to have been borne out. MyAOL beta now brings a fully fledged RSS reader straight to the SCREAMING; ALLCAPS HORDES of AOL'ers and "promises" a world class RSS Search shortly.

If you take a look at it, it's really not shaping up badly. They could have done a lot worse, but as Om says they have a long way to go before completing the transition from walled garden to content powerhouse.


Surprisingly good

Just for once a positive comment, its actually pretty good. No need to login to use it, its quick, and it updates itself without a refresh (ala Gmail). Still pretty simple in the features, but its one of the better offering release lately, and credit where credit is due.

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