Google + Twitter = Instant Articles... Wait, What?

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As a response to similar pushes from Facebook, Apple and Snapchat, Google and Twitter are teaming up with the select publishers (it sounds like there will be more and more publishers added to the deal) to give their users access to "Instant articles" to people who use their services on mobile phones.

The bad news: Google will show their own cache of the articles (not really sending traffic to publishers)

The good news: Publishers retain 100% of revenue they make on ads through this

The good news #2: The whole thing is going to be open source (I'd love to see it!)

I like seeing Google and Twitter teaming up... I am not sure if Google won't screw everything up (their social media initiatives are always scaring me). What are your thoughts?



I don't like it. It goes

I don't like it. It goes against the open, distributed nature of the Web. I think that publishers shouldn't give their content to big sites like this.

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