Concerned About Google's 3-Pack Snack Pack?


It's a "mixed bag" when it comes to the positive or negative impacts of Google's new Snack Pack.

Search Engine Land has an in-depth study of the impact of Google's switch to a 3-Pack for local search results today. This quote about sums it up:

"To be sure, the change appeared to be dramatic. But now that we are a month in, it appears the drama may have been more in our minds than in our traffic."

The last time Google tried out the 3-Pack, the top organic results actually got more clicks than the local pack in many cases. Whatever hit you might have taken this time around to localized, organic CTR might have been compensated by a boost in Google My Business traffic.

The conclusion: "If you aren't aggressively focusing on link and citation building and on-site SEO, then you are going to have a hard time competing int he post-Pigeon world." Thoughts?