Anyone Playing in Yahoo's Sandbox?

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Yahoo! Building the Sandbox
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Barry rounds up a number of forum threads about a possible dampening of new sites in Yahoo's index very reminicent of the fabled (and imo, bogus) Google Sandbox. Tell me, are Yahoo boxing new sites in?


Not that I've seen

I've a new site that started ranking in Yahoo before I got any links to it. Same with Google funnily enough. That's only one site though.


Let's hope that by "bogus" you mean lame and not "non-existant". I sure hope Yahoo! isn't doing it, too. This filtration system on new sites is just ridiculous. If it's a good quality site, who cares if it's 9 months old or 3 months old - let it rank!!

It's just a lame attempt to keep search spam down, but it's going too far imo, and pushes a lot of relevant sites to the bottom of the results pack, too.

Not round these parts

Nah I don't see it yet. I launched a client site in May and it's ranking for the best possible 2 word commercial keyphrase it could be.

I think there were some category cleanouts though, I had a major commercial category area bringing in 1000-1500 uniques a day drop to absolute zero.

The 'sandbox' was never just about age...

I see some evidence, but it's just 'some evidence'. I did not spot it; it was brought up in various other posts, and I only took notice because I've been wondering if Y would eventually follow suit to G. I've been stickying and emailing around for the past week or so, and it has me very curious.

What I see is not related to our own sites; we've not launched anything new for several months. But in looking at a few situations with other sites after sniffing around, it seems possible that Y is starting something like what G implemented, though milder.

As sanity and graywolf note, there are plenty of sites that are new and showing already, so it's not a simple age thing. But I've never believed that G's icebox was just age related.

What evidence of this I do see in Y seems more along the lines of preventing extremes. In this regard, it seems to mirror what I believe was the underlying premise of G's activity...fighting the 'good fight' against 'unnatural activity.' If some of these more "sandbox like" filters are even there, part of the evidence I see seems to suggest not only growth related filters (the battle against auto-gen-everything), but also tightened dup filters (the battle against no-value-added aff sites, esp feed sites)... ;-)

Plus just generally, lots of interesting things happening in the Y SERP's lately...potentially major changes afoot. I got a glimpse of some very different results sets floating around yesterday. ;-)

One more thought. IMHO, no one should be thinking of Y's evolving algo as having just gone 'sandbox like.' Ergghh... I hate that term. Very misleading. It's all about algo's and filters. There is no sandbox. My bottom line: If Y has not yet implemented much of what it takes to filter out sites displaying unnatural patterns relative to others (especially others of their kind), isn't it only a matter of time?

We just launched a new domain

its showing in Y UK, some decent positions for a 1 week old site, including some #1 / #2 for some quite competitive terms. Not bad, considering Y have only indexed the home page so far...

No SE has EVER undervalued a site purely on its age, IMO. I'd recommend that anyone who has trouble ranking new content think VERY hard about their linking strategy

Age not only factor

I bought a new domain and created a completely new site just over a year ago. Three days after the domain was registered, I submitted the site to Google. Two weeks later I checked, it came out no. 1 on Google for its main keyword.

It's a "micro destination site" about a square in my neighborhood with a lot of cafes and restaurants, and it lists them along with some related information. I assume that it's so niche because of its narrow focus that there's nothing else around to compete with it and rank higher.

Forgot the point - I hope Yahoo engineers haven't heard so much about an alledged Google sandbox that they've created a Yahoo one because they want one as well.

The only site I ever had sandboxed was personal

It was my official domain (as opposed to my primary domain). Actually, when you search for my name, I think Xenite.Org still comes up way before I don't worry about it any more. It was never intended to be a high traffic site anyway. I just wanted an "official" Web site which provided some biographical information.

But as it (originally) essentially duplicated content already found on Xenite, I am not surprised that Google never gave it high rankings. My official site does now contain totally unique content which has never appeared anywhere else, but there are so many links to Xenite associated with my name I doubt the official site will ever rise high in the search results.

On the other hand, the Houston photographer named Michael Martinez has probably gotten a LOT of traffic from people looking for information on me....

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