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Web Workshop member spidermonkey posts a nice list of links to pr release and article submisison sites, followed closely by a link to another list by Nicky_uk - personally i'd sooner put articles on my own website but this seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment so have fun with the list!


Own or Synicate

Nick, it does sometimes feel like the point of writing an article is to bring in traffic to read it, and thus, giving that article away is a daft idea. But in reality, a syndicated article is one sure-fire way to embed your own written link text onto other sites, and better still, onto pages where you know the topic relationship, because that too was written by you.

Syndicating your articles gives you the ability to write a page on other sites. Its that simple.

Of course, you can then have two different styles of articles. One type that is about branding and positioning your site as a unique source, and are the articles you hold onto. The second type is about branding yourself to new audiences, and about having total control over pages on other sites that link to you.

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I know...

Not completely unaware of the benefits, I wrote a whole bunch for sitepoint a few years back but..

Ya know, i've been trying to some up with some ways to get some free publicity for this site. Very targeted article submission might be a good avenue.... just got to find the right places, not too many places only cater to seo professionals. Might have to settle for choosing a subject those new to the game wont be interested in :)

meat and potatoes

Since I wear a white hat (because of risk management, not ethical issues), these types of links have provided the meat of my linkbuilding. Directories are the potatoes.

Good lists - I went through them and found two new press release sites that give you real backlinks.


..of all colors are welcome here mate, regardless of why they wear them :)


BTW those lists are now combined, sorted alphabetically and whether article or PR submission sites. Also I indicate whether registration is required to submit and will now start piling-in additions which will be dated as to when added.

Kind regards


Thanks spidermonkey!

It's a nice list, thanks dor putting it together..

check you inbox top left :-)


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