IE7 Has Integrated Search Box - No, not what you think...

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IE7 to Feature Customizable Search Box
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This one surprised me a little, IE7 will have an integrated search box, but users will decide what Search engine it defaults too...

Now, i'm not a lawyer, and no nothing of such things, but maybe that's due to legal issues? If I was MS, i'd have it wired to MSN Search, or at least have that as the default, and reset it like I do the MSN homepage on upgrades, wouldn't you?

"In Beta 1, it's limited to a group of popular search providers and inherits its default setting from the search-provider setting the user had chosen for AutoSearch in Internet Explorer 6," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "However, for the final release, this toolbar search box will be extensible for users to add any search provider they choose."

Perhaps they've just learnt some lessons and are pulling out all the stops to trum firefox - that wouldn't be a bad move either of course - interesting, whatever the reasoning behind it...


Heck that is the way IE 3

Heck that is the way IE 3 (or was it 4?) had with the search panel, you could choose which of the major engines you wanted as default. I remember Infoseek was in there.

Allowing you to choose and add your own search engines is a step up from Opera and Safari which do not let you choose.

How hard is it to change

How hard is it to change though? If you have to go through a menu system, 90% of users won't do it.

Easy but...

Easy, but there is a problem :), it seems that this setting is not remembered when you open a new window.

Tabbed Browsing

I stopped by the MSN Booth at WebmasterWorld Conf. in New Orleans, and they had the MSN toolbar that added the tabbed browsing. If IE7 is anything like the toolbar, when switching between tabs there was a visible flash when the new tab(layer) was rendered. Hope IE7 isn't a hacked layer into the browser window like the toolbar appeared to be.

No I have not installed the toolbar on my systems.

It could be because of

It could be because of people like Scoble. It would be the kind of thing I'd expect him to say.

Besides, how many MS employees do you reckon use the MS search engines? Maybe the developers just wanted to be able to choose a different engine themselves? ;) Well, of those that still use IE anyway :P

If MS are serious about the kind of things Scoble says they are serious about (changing their image as the big bad guy and actually listening to customers requests for once), this kind of thing should be a no brainer. But that's if you think everything Scoble says is accurate and true :)

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