The SES San Jose Summer Parties - Who's Going?

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Search Engine Watch Forums Thread on SES Parties Aug 8-11th
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SES San Jose will be host to many after conference parties this summer, I'll be there - lots of people should be there. Who all from Threadwatch is going?

Rumor has it - Shak will be there, as will DaveN, Oilman, and all your favorite punter's from 'round the search forums / blog scene.


Usual suspect

think we can add Jenstar, Chris R, Webguerilla, Aaron, Andy from Text-Link-Ads, Joe Morin etc etc.

so all in all should be a good event.

wonder if Ian "the messiah returns" Turner will be joining us ;)


Todd and I will be there.

Todd and I will be there, both speaking on day 4...yea, everyone knows Ian's face now so he'd be the most popular one there.


I'll be there - Speaking on Monday & Wednesday... hopefully partying a little, as I had no vacation this summer :(

Also going.

I will be there from Sunday until Sat...

Me too

I'll be there, not sure about the parties though. Maybe for a little bit. Loud parties crammed with lots of people isn't really my idea of fun. (And not cuz I'm old either...I've never really liked 'em!) I'll meet ya at the bar when you come back though!

et moi

I'll be there, speaking on Tuesday's 'Do Humans Matter' session.


I can assure you that attending a party with Dave N, Oilman, Werty, Shorebreak and co is a very laid back affair as New Orleans proved for many ;)


count me in

Arriving sunday evening and ready for a few drinks....

I do believe in true love...

So, if Thomas is going, I'll be there too.
Just an experience to watch him in action.

All Right!

You've twisted my arm - I'll be in the bar at the Marriott from Saturday night pretty much permanently 'til I leave on Thursday.

love - the truely everlasting topic

Not a lot of action to expect from me this time as I'm quite happy at the moment, though I kinda miss one fantastic american girl...

Shak, Thomas, Todd and Dave.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm staying home this time around! :)

However I could give Thomas a REALLY long sightseeing trip in Copenhagen on Thursday and do my best to make sure he doesn't make it. Hehe, ya'll have a great time.

where ...

I'll probebly be at the hotel bar and the parties all the time ...

can't wait

I heard there was Gin in San Jose so I'll be there ;)

I'm in...

Leaving this week to hit San Diego first and get to San Jose Monday. Assuming Jake doesn't get me killed while surfing of course. ;)

Yahoo Party Monday Night

We are having a Yahoo "Search Night Off" party. Please RSVP here:
The description of the event is:
We declare Monday, August 8th the official Search Night Off! Let's celebrate the industry and have some fun. All are welcome to join us at Paramount's Great America to enjoy a private cocktail reception and barbeque, followed by unlimited access to the amusement park

Hope to see many of the TW members there.

TimY: Can't make it


Can't make it Monday.
Could you change it for ME?

We can meet for a drink one

We can meet for a drink one of the other nights. Too bad you cant make it.

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