Ideas for Making Copywriting FUN

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Copywriting is difficult for me. Especially if it is redundant or isn't something I really want to write about. One motivator I have to keep me going is: "As soon as I get it done, I won't have to do it anymore", but that's wearing thin.

What do you guys do when you have to write a bunch of new content? How do you get motivated to get the job done?


have a break

take half an hour out and then go write something you feel like writing - anything not related to the depressing subject - with me that gets me back into writing stuff but wakes my brain up a bit.

I just don't...

...get the job done and have to carry on with my day job. Serves me right.


Good topic!

I find spending some time on finding really superb sites to link out to inspires me. It becomes a challenge then. "How cool can this page be?"

Admittedly I've not done any copywriting other than TW (if that's copywriting..) in quite a while, but that was always the ticket previously....

get out of your office...

and go writing somewhere else

Working in unconventional places is a good way to get the juices flowing. I go to busy places, like pubs, coffee shops, any sort of tourism districts, malls, anywhere where there's lots of people.

Guess it depends on what you're writing about.

>>Guess it depends on what

>>Guess it depends on what you're writing about.

I understand it's "A History of Bulgarian Taxidermy - 1857 - 2005"

Could be a hard one...

how about

we all write a line each for you Grnidone?


Bulgarian Taxidermy...

Well, If I were writing about dead stuffed things, I would try a museum. I would go find a pub where hunters go, and ask questions.

I might, If I were investing enough time in the project, see if I could shadow a professional and help them preserve something.

Talking to people who are passionate about your subject matter is always inspiring for me...

> get out of your

> get out of your office...

Works for me...

I like to get away from the keyboard - take the baby for a walk, go buy the day's shopping, do some garden stuff for a while, whatever, and think about the content in terms of headers, bullets etc.

Often, when I get back and put that basic structure down, I've enough ideas flowing to flesh it out to a more or less finished state


...I always find it motivating when someone is paying me to write about something I don't really care about. ;-)

But really, I'll do research at other sites, make a list of relevant points I want to touch on, paste relevant paragraphs from other articles into a 'reference page' in a text editor, and then start paraphrasing.

(And no -- if you paraphrase enough -- that's not plagarism. It's "research"... If you want to be academic, you can write a bibliography for your article to assuage guilt. ;-)

Why not hire someone and free yourself to do stuff you like?

There are enough people (including one of my very talented friends) who do copywriting and copyediting for a living and actually LOVE working with copy. Why not work on aspects of your site or business that you enjoy and leave the stuff that frustrates you to someone better suited to tackle those components?

Oh that's easy...

What do you guys do when you have to write a bunch of new content?

Hire a copywriter!

Ideas for Making Copywriting FUN

If you're bored with it you'll write boring copy generally. I'd second everything about hiring a professional writer (weirdly we probably enjoy researching and writing about Bulgarian taxidermy, it comes with the job). Once you start researching, and even better actually interviewing people, you'll find the copy starts to suggest itself. It's very hard to just start writing, though this is what people try to do. Gather your material first and if you've any aptitude/liking for it at all, you'll find the ideas and colour coming. If not ... hire that copywriter.

I feel obliged at this point

I feel obliged at this point to mention that "bulgarian taxidermy" was actually a joke :)

Welcome to TW johnr

Bulgarian Taxidermy

Thanks Nick, nice to be here. Are you saying you haven't read my book about Bulgarian Taxidermy, 'Stuffing in Sofia'?

hehe, i can't wait till TW

hehe, i can't wait till TW ranks for bulgarian taxidermy hah!

I have that

I misread the tile when looking for an upholstery book on Amazon. The cat's aren't happy but I have great fluffy cushions ;)

God, Google's getting slow

Your search - "bulgarian taxidermy" - did not match any documents.

To buy my 1st business, I bought a book on selling...

When I bought my first business I read books on "Selling your business" because I wanted to know what the SELLER was doing and where the concerns were hidden. I just didn't see much good advice in most books on "buying a business". Once I knew what SELLERS concerns were, I had a whole new perspective on BUYING.

So when I am BORED and have to write, I go and READ THE OPPOSITION. This could be a competitor website (her claims will inspire you to write, or critique, or follow-up on what you see as a missed opportunity).

Search Google as you EXPECT it to be, and you should IMMEDIATELY see where some opportunities are --- start writing.
Compare Google to Yahoo! for your target... it, too may inspire you to write.
READ YOU INDUSTRIES GREATEST CRITIC -- those loudmouths can be quite inspiring.
Think "if NOT (my topic), then what ELSE?" Choose the OTHER CHOICE and follow it up. Selling futons? Tired of writing about all-natural futons? Well, people who DON'T SLEEP ON FUTONS probably sleep on matresses. Or Korean Rock beds. Pick on of those, and start reading. It will open your eyes to you initial convictions (why Futons).

(oddly, I didn't find anything on Korean rock beds on Google. There is a lot of copywriting that needs to be done!)

>>>What do you guys do when

>>>What do you guys do when you have to write a bunch of new content?

I come and hang out at TW and avoid working.

Then when people around me start getting all red faced, have veins popping out on their foreheads and start making these ungodly noises in my direction, I know it is time to start writing again...

Number one on G

>> hehe, i can't wait till TW ranks for bulgarian taxidermy hah!

Ideas for Making Copywriting FUN |
I understand it's "A History of Bulgarian Taxidermy - 1857 - 2005" ... Bulgarian
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...behold the power of on-page/on-site optimisation ;)

One of the less competitive phraes

Results 1 - 1 of 1 for "bulgarian taxidermy".

I'm tempted... submit a definition page to Google's define: section.

Bulgarian taxidermy =
Leaving your "car" on display at the roadside after you happened to run into some specimen of Bulgarian wildlife, taking out your "car" in the process.
Disclaimer: Bulgarian taxidermy usually doesn't really hurt the animals involved.


I can't wait

hehe, i can't wait till TW ranks for bulgarian taxidermy hah!

I can't wait 'til ebay starts bidding on paid clicks for it;)

...ways to make copywriting fun


Proof that Google is Better

still not ranking on yahoo for bulgarian taxidermy....i never liked yahoo anyway.....

1-1 of 1 ?

I see this:

Results 1 - 100 of about 1,040 for bulgarian taxidermy

However, Yahoo seems to have 2,300 results. Probably because of softer dupe filters, IMHO.


That was "with quotes" ;-]

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