At Long Last - Google is Tackling Hacked Spam With Algorithmic Changes


For some of you, I know that this will seem like it's been a long time coming. Google is rolling out algorithmic changes that will "eventually impact roughly 5% of queries" and may reduce the number of results shown for some queries. The changes are designed to fight hacked spam - that is, legitimate sites that get hacked and used as vehicles to spread malware, redirect traffic, market naughty things, etc.

Here's the full statement from Google.

On WebmasterWorld, some users are excited but others see this as a double edged sword.

Nutterum wrote:
My question here would be, will of the hacked websites used as backlink farms be penalized as well as the websites using those website backlinks? Is this another venture for negative SEO teams to explore? Let`s face it, these news are a two-sided coin and I'd hate it if I have to battle against second generation Negative SEO attacks, considering the first wave is not fully understood yet.

Martin Ice Web wrote:
Big deal! This makes organic SERPs look even more less relevant to the search. While ads are now 10:1?...And I never ever was taken to a site with hacked spam on it! I more was taken to sites with low content and irrelevant content. Again it's a shame for Google to push down organics in favor to push their ads.

Martin Ice Web's point is interesting. I think the theoretical conclusion of eliminating organic results from SERPs in the name of spam protection is that you could get a page with more Google ads on it than organic results. Clearly an advantage for Google, but potentially a disadvantage for the user.

But hacked spam is still a serious issue, and something needs to be done. Maybe this is just the first step - we'll know for sure what impact the algorithmic changes have soon enough.