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to make up for my dismal failure to start the 'quiet out there thread' last week (sorry Nick) I'm doing it this week :)

So is anyone doing anything exciting? Since the lovely local kiddies kicked our office door until the alarm went off earlier I've spent a large part of today chatting with police and waiting three hours for the alarm engineers to attend and reset it. Not the type of exciting I enjoy.

Still, Desperado and a bottle of wine is looking like a good end to the evening about now.



Took a drive across the border and picked one up this morning, it had a cough, so off to the vet wth her, a few $$ later and home with antibiotics.

Get home, fed the rest, water, etc.. find I also have one of my 7 week old pups sick at home, this time off to the emergency vet (it's a long weekend here), a few more $$$ and some different antibiotics.

Finally, get home, only to find some being born, so far a male and a female, my weekend shall be consumed by puppies, while the family enjoy a few days away at the cottage.

Well, i've been working a

Well, i've been working a bit on a new site that may interest a portion of the TW members, more on that nearer launch date (no idea, maybe 2wks..)


Robyn has been perfecting her crawling technique, and has expressed a great desire for the dogs water bowl, anything with laces, kitchen cupboards and anything furry that moves. All the animals are very gentle with her, even george, who for a 2mth old kitten is surprisingly 'non-scratchy' with her...

George's First Day Out

..was last weekend, but no quiet thread (not gurties fault, we were both having a few drinks that night heh..) He was extremely timid about it, which is GOOD, because he now has a good grip on where we live, and all the bolt holes leading to the back door - and now dissappears for hours on end (the first two times i was frantic with worry) but always comes home when he's hungry.. --- for christmas, he'd like a chicken please...

It's been shit horrid weather here, warm but pouring with rain every day for the last 2wks, we're missing the summer :(

>>puppies Awww.. PICS, PICS!


Awww.. PICS, PICS!


Yeah, the day before yesterday we had a mini-rainstom here. I've never seen such weather in Denmark before. Like a very dense snowstorm, only with water. It came instantly and lasted only 5 minutes, but visibility was five metres at most (15 feet?) and before I discovered it (by the the sound and the daylight disappearing) and had moved myself the three metres (10 feet?) to close the balcony door part of the floor was flooded. Literally. Spent half an hour cleaning up afterwards.

Oh, and the bill from the taxman arrived during the week. Amounts to three-four months of full time work (before taxes) so it's every bit as huge as I feared it would be. My order book says I'll probably get by anyway, but it will take some extra work and some less fun so perhaps I'll take in new clients. We'll have to see about that.

For me this weekend is a work weekend, and bad weather is fine with me as long as I've got electricity. Nothing much has happened sofar, except that I tried to update Windows. Note to self: Never try updating Windows unless you can afford to waste a whole day.

Nice pics :-) Perhaps if you let George in with the chickens while he's small he will be able to do like this later?

Puppy Pictures

Here's a couple of shots of the current lot last week.


They're great!

American bulldogs are lovely when they're tiny :) I quite like them grown up too...

Hmm, I dunno,

They are getting too big for my taste already... sorry {ducks}

Speaking of animals, there

Speaking of animals, there was one thing i forgot to mention that i'd meant to. On friday i joined a very odd forum, to get some help with my chickens - funny, you can find a forum about almost anything..

Oh, and TW got a nice mention in the drupal july newsletter under "drupal sightings"

Threadwatch is “a community website focused on Internet marketing and related technologies”. They have used Drupal to create a rich Slashdot style blogging site.

and i advertised for a module developer only to find on further investigation that the features i want will be in the next minor release (i think..) cool!

Never thought TW was like /.

Never thought TW was like /. but I guess the layout is somewhat similar.

A very very cute child, puppies and a kitten..... What the hell am I doing in this thread??

New puppy here too..

For the last couple of years Rob has wanted a German Shepherd. I told him "only if we get him from the shelter".

Today we adopted a 10 month old German Shepherd/ Akita mixed puppy...71 pounds of puppy..and he's not finished growing!


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