New Firefox Platforms Will Launch Without Plugin Support


In a strange twist of fate, long and recently maligned Adobe Flash will be the only supported plugin in the next iteration of Mozilla Firefox.

For many of the experienced webmasters over on WebmasterWorld, this announcement sounds like a strange choice for Mozilla to make. Important things to remember: plugins are different from extensions, and many things that plugins used to do (with added security risks) will now be done by HTML5. Unfortunately, as tangor points out, "The web is not yet migrated to HTML5 and all those goodies built in and I don't think a year will be sufficient to make that happen...Why? I myself am in no hurry to migrate to HTML5 for any number of my websites (no value)."

So in the meantime, some features might get dropped. And Chrome might become even more popular and powerful. What do you think? Will you switch browsers or turn off automatic Firefox updates?