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The Return Of More Evil Than Satan
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Danny Sullivan reports at the SEW Blog that a search for more evil than satan at MSN brings up Google as numero uno ;)

A return favor for what came up on Google for that phrase in 1999? (MS of course..) Is this the beginnings of a fun "tit for tat" game or just a bit of random silliness?

Whatever it is, it made me smile, thanks danny!


Ha ha

miserable failure

“miserable failure” no longer brings up the Whitehouse as 1st but does on Yahoo and google

Not a silly one but an interesting one all the same, search for news on temoa, yahoo, and google, and CNN is the 1st result, now try the Microsoft beta and you have a blog – CNN doesn’t make the top 40(someone at CNN upset Bill)

alpha release?

Seems MS haven’t quite got the hang of clustering either, search for sex brings up the same page for 1st and 2nd

What site would you expect to come top for music? Probably several candidates, but the likes of MTV,, vh1, don’t appear in the top 30 of msn beta.

Same with movies, and many others, in fact the only popular search term i’ve seen bring up anywhere near the expected results was a search for Microsoft

Should this still be an alpha release? i shouldn’t complain too much my own sites are doing extremely well –not sure what that says about my sites :)

GoogleGuy Stirs the Pot

Most search engine optimizers will be fascinated by the ability to play with sliders and try to reverse-engineer how Microsoft is ranking. Not since Nutch have people gotten such a good view at the different components in ranking for a major search engine. Because of that and the fact the MSN has promised their new search will go live by January, I'd get busy playing. :)

Here's one other tidbit I came across while reading this morning. Following on Google and Yahoo's launch of blogs, MSN has launched a blog for its search engine as well:
Highly recommended reading--they've got comments enabled, too. I've really enjoyed playing with the new search, and I'd recommend that everyone spend 2-3 days getting familiar with how MSN is ranking pages--I think the effort will pay off.

Matt Cutts aka GG is stiring the pot a little over at wmw:

source: searchengineblog


..has somthing you might find interesting...


InsideGoogle pokes MSN in the eye about ads already showing on MSN Beta

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