Link Network SAPE May Have Been Penalized


Black hat SEOs across the interwebs are reporting a drop in rankings and the common factor seems to be that they used the underground link network SAPE.

SEL has a good write-up. Though it's just a rumor at the moment. This rankings shift could also be the opening gambit in one of several other big plays Google has up its sleeve. Perhaps it's the first instance of the "limbo penalty" promised to repeated violators of Google's webmaster guidelines. Or it could be Penguin or the hacked sites algorithm.

SAPE is a Russian link network that was hit by Google a few years back in 2013. As far as I know, most people thought it was dead in the water at that point. But it came back - and now it might have been hit again. Perhaps that supports the idea that this is the first big case of Google cracking down on repeate offenders?