Yahoo! Applies for User Specific Vertical Search Patent

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Yahoo Files For Several Patents
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Although not quite as absurd as the recent Google RSS Ad Patent, Yahoo's application to patent User Specific Vertical Search is no less damaging if awarded. As Gary points out, it's not been awarded, just applied for. Here's the abstract:

Techniques for performing user-specific searches are provided. A search engine receives a search query and performs processing to determine whether a user-specific search is indicated. If the search engine so determines, user-specific data is searched using user identity information to generate user-specific search results specific to the user identified by the user identity. Accordingly, the search results include information that is specific to the user determined from the user identity associated with the search query.

User specific search results eh? Isn't that what all of the current engines are working toward?

There are a bunch of other Yahoo! patents listed in Gary's post, but that's the biggie...


isn't that desktop search

isn't that what the various desktop search products are doing?

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