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One of the parties being held at SES San Jose next week is the somewhat exclusive "Search Bash" on Wednesday 10th at Studio 8 - The gig is limited to 500 people, for free drinks and the usual shinanigans, but Threadwatch readers can get on the Text Link Ads Guest List by posting in this thread, or emailing

Thanks Patrick!


I'm IN


And me ...

Muchos Gracias


Ruth Ann & I are in and will

Ruth Ann & I are in and will be bring a client.

There with Bells On...

I've been looking forward to this from the day it was announced.

And me..

See you there :)

Me too...

I'm in. Thanks.

Sounds Great

Great Idea. Thanks!

If I can secure babysitter, I'm in

Um, not me that needs the babysitting - but two little guys ;) If I can get our sitter to agree to Wednesday, i'll be there with my wife, Widhadh.

Looking forward to it!

Sounds like a blast, count me in.

Thanks for organizing this. Sounds like a welcome diversion from the typical Overture cocktail party/Google Dance slate from the last few years.

Count me in.

Sounds like fun to me. Thanks for setting it up.

party? - count me in

Thanks for the invite!

I'd like to drop by...

...if only to put to rest once and for all the evil rumor that GoogleGuy and I are the same person :D

count me in

coming from far a way... better be there

i'm in

thanks for the invite.


I would love to attend!

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