3 Major Sites Go Nofollow; Ripple Effect Will Follow


I wonder if major sites realize that when they choose to nofollow all links that will impact not only every small business, blogger, freelancer, and other entity ever linked to from their site, but also every site each of those ever linked to downstream and the ripple effect will continue outward. 

Recently SocialMediaToday.com, SiteProNews.com and Inc.com all nofollowed all links in all content. All 3 sites did leave authors links in their bios dofollow. This is likely to increase the number of businesses trying to get authorship on these sites for at least that one link now that any writer or journalist mentioning them no longer has the value it did. 

I'm sharing this here because I don't know if SEOs, businesses or bloggers will be able to tell why they dropped in the rankings when the site that went nofollow is 2 to 3 levels away from the links they are likely to be monitoring. 

Sites whose links still have value will see an increase in authorship requests and content submissions while sites that nofollow links are likely to see declining content submissions over time as people realize being mentioned on that site has less value to them.

Mentions on sites that are not nofollowed are often heavily promoted by those being mentioned via social media, paid Facebook promotions, and other paid ads. Sites that nofollow links will see less money spent by others driving traffic to their site.

Yes, if you get a mention on Inc. you may still promote it, but if your business gets mentioned on both Forbes and Inc. which one will your business put their money behind promoting? No one can blame a site for wanting to protect themselves from potential penalties; however, they do need to take these other factors into consideration when making that decision. 

Many wonder if these sites got outbound link penalty warnings. If not, maybe they read Google's recent "no reconsideration" threat and got spooked. 

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Usually sites do that after

Usually sites do that after they receive a message from Google about suspicious outbound links... Wondering if all three of those got one as those are huge sites with lots of trust

I am also wondering, how many

I am also wondering, how many sites seeing a traffic decline because of the ripple effect will assume it's another Google Update going on :)

Exactly. I can't see any way

Exactly. I can't see any way that sites could tell what causes rankings to change or traffic to decline when there are so many variables with sites not directly linking to them, but 1,2 or who knows how many steps removed. 



Makes sense....

Very good points, Gail - just wanted to let you know.

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