Give Bing a chance?


Bing is profitable at last - at least for Microsoft. Does that mean SEOs should give it another chance?

Microsoft's initiatives to increase Bing usage with Windows 10 seem to be succeeding. Ad revenue grew 29% along with Windows 10 usage, according to a statement in SEL The US market share according to comScore stands at 20.7%.

Some folks over on SEO Chat are talking about increasing their investments in Bing.

One of the mods states the rough estimates for their site like this: "Bing...converts a whole 2% higher AND has increased by 0.7% compared to last year. Google has actually decreased in conversion by 1.2%."

Another mod has some impressive numbers to share as well: "...checked with a couple of contacts now and apparently Windows 10 now has over 116 million users with Bing now gaining 35%+ of search and rising as of today."

Sounds promising!