An Interview with John Brown, New Head of Publisher Outreach at Google, and a Conversation on WebmasterWorld


Hopes for added transparency and increased communications seemed dim on WebmasterWorld - but the man himself is taking part in this discussion.

In a discussion thread about the interview, martinibuster writes "John Brown's going to have to up his game if he's going to please publishers. It's like performing at The Apollo in Harlem."

Earnings are down, which is the real problem for many users. And it's not certain how much control Brown will have over that in his position, despite promises and dreams.

But! Mr. Brown is posting in that very thread TODAY to chat with Webmasters and hear their concerns. So there are already steps being taken towards being more open - you have to give him credit for that! And furthermore, he says "There is and will continue to be invested in the success of publishers, because we only benefit if publishers are growing, happy and working with us."

Still, as MrSavage asks, "How do the interactions help me make more money?" That remains to be seen.