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I'm soooo glad they didn'nt mention the P word when announcing the new Yahoo! Audio Search

Audio publishing is beginning to flourish again. Through its many machinations and legal growing pains, online audio is finding legitimate legs to stand on, in many different voices, and it's starting to get exciting. What we're building - and what you're seeing here - is more of a platform in its early stages; an open search platform on which we can build the tools to help users find both existing and new forms of audio content as they emerge.

Y! Audio Search is the largest index of audio content on the Web today, with over 50 million audio files (consider that the average music service has 1 million files, and the next largest audio engine has 12.5 million). This includes structured data from music service catalogs, but more importantly crawled data from across the Web. Yahoo! Audio Search is, and will continue to be, the most comprehensive and - most importantly - open system for finding audio content of any type on the Web. Period.


Now only if you could HUM

Now only if you could HUM the search.. and it would find it. That would be pretty nifty.

I'll name that spam in

I'll name that spam in one...

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