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MSN launches lifestyle blogs
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Remember a while back we mentioned (sorry, can't find the link) that MS were hiring bloggers? Well, launched yesterday according to Duncan. You can see various channels, using MSN Spaces including TV, Technology, Lifestyle, Music and Sports


Hey, competition for TW

our team of bloggers will filter the best stories, photographs, links and other interesting tidbits

And the missing link

Original post is here .

Don't think you want to re-read it though :-)

Missing the Punch Line

So what's the point, there's no advertising on the sites now. Are they just trying to show MSN Spaces can be cool? Are they trying to act as lead in's for other MSN web properties? They aren't horrible, but they aren't 'edgy' either. Hate to say it, but they look/feel/sound like weblogs inc copycats, no voice of their own.

Psst, hey MSN nobody is going to want to invest the time and effort if they don't own the domain (at least not serious people who 'get it' anyway). Also how cool and unique can you be when you lock everybody into that same barely customizable template.

MSN should fix their blog

MSN should fix their blog URLs....

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