Facebook's New Search Features May Open a $5 Billion Advertising Opportunity

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Facebook's search algorithm takes into account posts that you've made, pages you've followed, and what your friends are talking about. Its high degree of personalization is something that The Motley Fool speculates could give it an edge over Twitter and Google. Yep - Facebook search could be a competitor to Google.

You might be surprised to hear it, but 63% of Facebook users say that they get their news from Facebook. These new personalization tools could give news seekers more reason to use Facebook over other platforms:

The Motley Fool wrote:
Facebook search results are a lot like the desktop version of Twitter's Moments, but more personal. If I wanted to follow Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony, for example, I might also want to know what my friends and favorite pundits have to say about it. Moments can't guarantee that either will be in their feed, but it's a sure bet that both will be in Facebook's search results.

So what do you think? The $5 billion dollar advertising figure comes from the revelation that Facebook search gets 1.5 billion queries every day. Zuckerberg says that there are no plans to monetize search yet but...he'd have to be a little empty-headed to ignore an opportunity like that, no?


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