10 Reason to Go Mobile

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There's an interesting piece giving 10 reasons why web publishers should go mobile that quite inspired me. I've been meaning to tinker with XHTML Basic, and a subdomain for this site for a while now, now i just may get round to it heh... Also, on the subject of mobile design, here's the first part of a series of promising articles on The State of the Mobile Web. Food for thought for sure.


Nice timely catch!

But I wonder “There are 1.5 billion mobile devices in the world today, more than three times the number of PCs…” I’ve lost 2 in the last 4 months, so that figure could really read 0.5 billion ;)

Anyone want to recommend a good deal on a new mobile – save me from reading loadas spammy pages ;)

I'm looking at one of these

I'm looking at one of these nokia linux tablets rather than a phone, it's not like i actually want to talk to anyone.. heh!

nokia linux tablets Now that

nokia linux tablets

Now that you mention it Nick that nokia might be a cheap and nifty way for me to play with a Linux wireless web device. I was thinking about buying a linux laptop but getting one with a desktop linux distro and wi-fi is looking to be a royal pain in the butt. Plus I really don't need two laptops. The nokia might be fun.

I have a PDA with a wireless card but the screen is so small it is hard to do more than check email on Yahoo.

I hear you Brad, what i

I hear you Brad, what i want, is to be able to lay stretched out on the sofa watching telly whilst keeping up with the RSS of an evening..

I could do a laptop, and really - providing you get a wifi-card using the Atheros chipset, it's not a big issue getting Linux on a laptop these days, but the tablet looks way more fun...

Like my i730

I've got relatively few complaints about my Samsung i730, not sure if it's available outside the US or not.

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