Two by Two, the Zombies Go Marching In


Zombie traffic in the world of organic search, not to be confused with the different species of zombie that plagues the world of PPC, is still a problem for many webmasters. The users of WebmasterWorld are discussing reasons for why you might be seeing zombies among your regular traffic.

Zombie organic traffic, if you don't know, works like this: users show up on a site and meander from page to page at a slow rate. You could compare it to shuffling like a zombie. What's key is that they never buy anything from your site or take any of your desired actions. Instead they just remain on site for a lengthy period of time doing not much of anything.

Some folks have speculated that the increase in zombie traffic is a new Google update or filter of some kind. The post above has several alternatives. Mobile users, for example, may be on your non-mobile friendly pages and therefore not converting as well. It could be that users these days shop exclusively through apps and only browse through search engines.

There are still a few other users who are calling zombie traffic a "tinfoil hat" theory. A lot of people are observing an increase in zombie traffic - the cause for it is still up in the air. Who knows, it could be something different for everyone. Are you having any of the same problems? What do you attribute them to?