SEORoadshow: Where are you staying?

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If you're going to the SEORoadshow on 10th Sept in Edinburgh, where are you staying? (and if you're not going, why not?)

I assume Gurtie is at Travelodge and the Albany, though expensive, is just down the road - but it would be cool to get an idea of where everyone (particularly those not in the George) is staying?



I got in at the George :D

Just I know there's always room at a Travelodge - it's like the tardis of hotels.

Wow! So have we! I thought


So have we! I thought it was supposed to have been fully booked?

There thurs/fri/sat nights


fully booked

That's just a line to get you to pay more... I'm sure you all fell for that.

There are other commercial tricks than matching pics with adsense you know...

PS: Book a room for the next gig NOW

We'll be there

Dirk and I, that is. Arriving Thursday, leaving Monday. And yes, at the IC George.

Was going to email you this

Was going to email you this week Ralph, had thought you'd dissappeared off the face of the earth!

Welcome back!

Thanks, Nick

had no less than 3 Raid controller crashes on my local main system due to the sh*** Belgian power grid in as many months, with weeks of hassle picking up the shards. Back online full time now again, more or less, and should restart blogging from next week.
Glad to be back, too!

George here too...

...I booked in at the George for Friday and Saturday a while ago. They were already full for Thu. though, so I suppose I should look around for that, sooner or later. hehe

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