Our Favorite Wanker... Interviewed

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Interview of Nick Wilson, Threadwatch's NickW
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Our favorite *blogger* (must've been a typo above) has been featured not once but twice today. Nick, don't be bashful, this deserves front page status.

To what do you attribute Threadwatch's steep growth curve of readership and recognition?

Being a bloody minded, egotistical, rude bastard. Didn't you know?

Seriously, I think people are bored of corporate suck up sites, any muppet can use an RSS reader and scan for news, but who wants to read the bland, boring, opinionless "commentary" that most sites in this space spew out?

I'd sooner stick my head in a bucket of cold sick...


It's the wide selection of topics, in my opinion

Despite the occasional testiness of the posters, ThreadWatch offers a selection of quality topics that you just don't find in the forums.

You deserve a lot of kudos, Nick, and not just because of all the crap you have to put up with (from hardheads like me) to keep this place going.

yeah i think for once a blog

yeah i think for once a blog actually lives up to its tagline


Agree with Michael, interesting mix of content, and your not afraid to take the piss out of sacred internet cows.

it's official

it's official -- check out who ranks for favorite wanker on Google!

I am honored...

I am honored you mentioned me in your interview, Nick. That post started as a whine from me..I had no idea it would turn into such a great thread.

I appreciate you're not afraid to call people out on their crap. You have the right mix of moderation, and you also make sure you *tell* people why their post was moderated. You've done a lot to keep the noise down, and I think that is why this place has been such a success.

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