Like a Phoenix? Google Plus Gets a Redesign

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Poor Google Plus has been in a tailspin for so long, it's refreshing to see something new being done with it. Over on WebmasterWorld they have a discussion going about what's been cut and what's been added. It's now mobile friendly and communities/collections have become the primary focus.

Google+ communities, in my personal experience, were the only useful or valuable part of Google+ left so it makes sense to me that they'd put a larger emphasis on them. Think this will get more people using it? Or is it just something to keep the folks who already use it happy? I guess the design is still being tweaked - it's a little ugly according to some users on Webmaster World :P


Bad redesign HILARIOUS Thread @WebmasterWorld

Google just can't get it right...every redesign makes it worse instead of better. Among my collaborators we suspect this is because they are focused only on efficient data collection and not on what users actually want. Eventually, there will be no data to collect as they keep taking away reasons for us to go there. 


Yes, communities are the most valuable part and about the only reason to go there. Circles were killed; now residual circles are being killed. How will we now invite people to HOAs? 


It isn't friendly. I clicked into the new design and couldn't figure out how to add a post so I reverted. You would think they could at least get that part right? 

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