Wired Talk Up AlmondNet, But What About That Cookie?

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Bridging the Google Ad Gap
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Behavioral marketing, as being talked up by Wired in their piece on AlmondNet is all well and good. In fact, it sounds rather natty don't you think? But what about that achilles heal that's sticking out like a sore (er..)

"If someone searches for car insurance, he should see car insurance ads when he accesses the weather and sports, or visits InfoWorld or checks web-based e-mail,"

Sounds great, but here's the problem

"A company would pay for the right to cookie InfoWorld readers," Shkedi said. "If any of them clicked over, it would pay InfoWorld a commission."

With all that data recently out Jupiter and others on cookie deletion i wouldn't be betting the house on this for now. As we've spoken about for, there may also be reputational issues for companies like AlmondNet and Gator/Claria


In the Article

Shkedi notes that cookie deletion isn't a big problem, because it's very rare for users to do it more than once every 2 weeks, and serving ads for that long is useless anyway. It's more valuable to be serving ads day of the search, or, preferrably within a few minutes of that search being conducted.

The problem is though, that

The problem is though, that these are third party cookies. Many users have them blocked, and as i understand it, a number of spyware removers treat them as spyware.

And with people like Walt Mossberg calling them spyware, they're not getting any good press recently...


No argument there, I'm just saying it's not totally useless - it can still carry value if they can slide it in under the radar as "just another use for cookies" type of deal.

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